Limburg is known for its beautiful, varied landscapes, making it the setting of choice for the 2024 UEC Road European Championships. While enjoying the high mass of the race as a supporter, you can also discover the many other assets of the region. Because for any cycling enthusiast, Limburg is the perfect place to be. Moreover, the territory brings a lot of goodies that you can fully enjoy during your visit. But above all, taste our genuine hospitality. The UEC Road European Championships are therefore the ideal opportunity to go out and be surprised by all the beauty Limburg has to offer.

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Sensory experiences

Igor Philtjens, deputy and chairman Visit Limburg: “Our varied landscapes, our special (mining) heritage, the cordial encounters and our expanded 2,000-kilometre cycling route network with sensory stimulating cycling experiences put Limburg on the map as an attractive region. So we are very honoured that the 2024 UEC Road European Championships will take place in Limburg which will also allow us to put our region in the international spotlight.”

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