Limburg is known for its beautiful, varied landscapes, making it the setting of choice for the 2024 UEC Road European Championships. While enjoying the high mass of the race as a supporter, you can also discover the many other assets of the region. Because for any cycling enthusiast, Limburg is the perfect place to be. Moreover, the territory brings a lot of goodies that you can fully enjoy during your visit. But above all, taste our genuine hospitality. The UEC Road European Championships are therefore the ideal opportunity to go out and be surprised by all the beauty Limburg has to offer.

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Sensory experiences

Igor Philtjens, deputy and chairman Visit Limburg: “Our varied landscapes, our special (mining) heritage, the cordial encounters and our expanded 2,000-kilometre cycling route network with sensory stimulating cycling experiences put Limburg on the map as an attractive region. So we are very honoured that the 2024 UEC Road European Championships will take place in Limburg which will also allow us to put our region in the international spotlight.”

© D. Malou, P. Baas, Kristien Wintmolders

Five iconic cycle nodes along the UEC Road European Championships course

The European Cycling Championships will descend on Limburg, the cradle of cycle node cycling. In 1995, the first numbered cycle nodes were set up in Limburg, which grew into a 2,000km network that was copied, but barely matched, worldwide. It’s easy to explore the course via the legendary node network. We list five matching nodes for you; places along the course that should definitely be included in your itinerary.

Ten highlights along the UEC Road European Championships course

With Hasselt and Heusden-Zolder as host municipalities and a course passing right through the watery landscape of De Wijers and past castle-strewn hilltops of fruity Haspengouw, riders will be able to enjoy the diversity of beautiful landscapes Limburg has to offer along the way. Unlike the riders, you may have a little more time to explore the tourist highlights on and along the course. We’ve already compiled a handy checklist for you!

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Cycling over Limburg’s cobblestones

Fancy tackling the cobbles yourself? The Limburg cycling network includes a number of cobbled sections, which allow you to thunder along through a heavenly landscape. Lots of the cobbled sections in Haspengouw are accompanied by a passage along an imposing castle estate. The many listed cobbled roads are mostly old majestic driveways. There is a variation from short-pitched to long stretches for the voracious cobblestone enthusiast. In Haspengouw, you will also discover some classic cobbled climbs that are a delightful obstacle for both you and the riders.

Bike-crazy coffee stops while exploring the UEC Road European Championships course

While exploring the course, feel free to make a well-deserved coffee stop, of course with a piece of Limburg vlaai (speciality flan) to store up some extra energy for the remainder of the ride.

We have selected some bike-crazy coffee stops along the UEC Road European Championships course where you can measure your cycle racing fever while enjoying your coffee.

Limburg supplies in the musette

Without fuel, the engine sputters and stops! So the cycling pros stow their bags full of energy bars, gels, meticulously measured rice cakes, caffeine tablets, all generously topped with isotonic sports drinks and who knows, maybe a 'final bidon' with the soigneur’s secret recipe. Fortunately, there are more palatable alternatives for the lesser cycling gods or mere mortals on a bike. Not only do they give you extra energy, but they also ensure you are in complete harmony with the Limburg landscapes they originate from.