Lotto new top partner EK Limburg 2024
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Lotto new top partner EK Limburg 2024

The dates of 11 to 15 September are already marked in the cyclist fans’ calendar, because that is when the 2024 UEC Road European Championships come to Limburg. With this, cycling is not only returning home to Flanders six months after the classics, but is now getting the support of the driving force behind the sport, the National Lottery.

In just under six months, 14 European road cycling titles will be decided between Hasselt and Heusden-Zolder. We are proud to announce that the National Lottery is also throwing its weight behind this project.

“The National Lottery has been the proud driving force behind cycling since time immemorial and, above all, has been a loyal partner of Belgian cycling”, says Jannie Haek, CEO of the National Lottery. “Cycling is an accessible sport that, like the National Lottery, connects people and offers them a form of responsible entertainment.”

Excellent opportunity to highlight unique bond between supporters, cycling team and sponsor
Jannie Haek, CEO National Lottery

“Our commitment to cycling is something that manifests itself in our support of cycling organisations and races”, he continues. “But also in the sponsorship of a pure Belgian cycling team and a unique cooperative project known by the name of “Captains of cycling”. Precisely because we uphold the same values and standards, we at the National Lottery do not hesitate about supporting events with a great public added value, such as the European Cycling Championships in Limburg and recently also the World Championships in Leuven. When, in September, the European Championships come to our country, the birthplace of this beautiful sport, it will be the perfect opportunity for us to highlight the unique bond between supporters, cycling team and sponsor.”

Writing an exceptional cycling chapter in Limburg together
- Tomas Van Den Spiegel, on behalf of EK Limburg 2024 vzw

“Cycling and the National Lottery have been great partners for many years,” says Tomas Van Den Spiegel on behalf of EK Limburg 2024 vzw. “The National Lottery has already contributed to numerous chapters in cycling history. We are already looking forward to writing an exceptional cycling chapter together in Limburg with our loyal partner the National Lottery.”