Five UEC Road European Championships nodes
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Five UEC Road European Championships nodes

From 11 to 15 September, the UEC Road European Championships will take place in Limburg. It’s easy to explore the course via the legendary node network. Visit Limburg lists five UEC Road European Championships nodes for you; places along the course that should definitely be included in your itinerary.

1. Zensational Node 97

Right between Kapermolenpark and the Japanese Garden, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the course at node 97 during the sensational UEC Road European Championships in Limburg. This is also the ideal base for exploring the green outskirts of Hasselt or De Wijers by bike, as well as a place to relax on the outskirts of the city where you’ll feel totally zen.

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2. Cobblestone node 145

The historic Printhagendreef with its slight incline will be one of the decisive points of the UEC Road European Championships races. While the riders thunder across the 400 m cobbled section, you can take the lovely smooth cycle path alongside the cobblestones. So you can calmly enjoy the scenery and the impressive Printhagen Castle and its farm.

3. Observation point node 301

Free of hills and cobbles, this part of the UEC Road European Championships course immerses you in a pond-filled landscape. From node 301, you’ll find yourself in the midst of the patchwork of ponds that is Platwijers. An observation tower offers you a unique helicopter view of the landscape. If you cycle towards Heusden-Zolder, a lovely crackling forest path will take you past it and the Bolderberg Hermitage, where, as a reward, another beautiful vantage point of Terlaemen Castle awaits.

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4. Cobblestone node 157

From node 156 to 157, you cycle through the delightful castle village of Heks. First you pass Tranendreef, an old castle road where you can now spend the night in teardrop-shaped tents hanging in the trees. You descend further to the village of Castle Heks. The village seems to have been built to serve the castle. There is not much more than a café and a bakery here, but that is precisely its charm. Cycling on towards Heurne, it’s as though time has stood completely still here, which is something the riders will definitely not do at this point. Right between the challenging Manshoven and Op de Kriezel cobbled lanes, in Heks they will mainly be looking for their second wind or final boost of energy.

5. Climbing node 120

Uphill, downhill. In Haspengouw, you could pedal quickly, but then again, the views are so beautiful. At node 120 you climb to the village of Zammelen, and are treated to a stunning panorama of the Mombeek Valley over your left shoulder. The view of blushing apples in the fields and the rugged stream valley at the foot of the climb is sure to wow spectators, television viewers and even the riders during the UEC Road European Championships in September.

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