EK Limburg 2024 general competition rules 

The general competition rules apply to EK Limburg 2024 vzw, with registered offices at Harensesteenweg 228, 1800 Vilvoorde and registered with the KBO with company number 0786.987.130. If different and special rules apply for a particular action, these will be referred to specifically on the competition page of this action. These rules apply to all competitions organised by EK Limburg vzw via the following channels: website, social media, advertisements, or other channels. These competitions are in no way sponsored or managed by or associated with Facebook/Instagram.  

Conditions for participation

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the giveaway actions of EK Limburg 2024 vzw, except for their own employees and their immediate family members. Minors can only participate with the consent of parents or their guardian. If a minor participates in one of the actions, EK Limburg 2024 vzw assumes that he or she has obtained that consent.   

How often can you participate?   

Each participant can only take part in the same competition once. In the event of misuse, deception, or fraud, EK Limburg 2024 vzw reserves the right to immediately exclude you from the competition or other EK Limburg 2024 vzw actions.  

Organisation of the competitions

How do we determine the winner?  

Prizes will be allocated on a lottery draw basis. 

What prize can you win?   

In each individual competition, the prize to be won and the number of prizes to be won will be clearly stated. The prize stated is the only prize that applies to that competition. The prize cannot be exchanged in any way and may not be converted in any manner whatsoever into cash, via whichever channel.   

How long does an action run?   

For each individual competition, the duration of the action will be clearly stated, with a start and an end date. EK Limburg 2024 vzw reserves the right to modify, cancel or extend a competition in the event of force majeure.  

When do we choose the winner?  

Each individual competition will clearly state when the winners will be announced.   

How is a winner announced?   

The winner will be contacted personally by email. EK Limburg 2024 vzw is not responsible for an incorrect email address or the situation in which the confirmation email ends up in the spam folder, as a result of which the winner cannot be contacted.  

How do I claim my prize?   

When you have won a prize, you can only receive your prize after you have replied to the confirmation email from EK Limburg 2024 vzw. If necessary, EK Limburg 2024 vzw will request additional information (e.g. address in the case of a physical prize). 

How do we handle the details of the winners?   

Participants of any competition organized by EK Limburg 2024 vzw agree to the EK Limburg 2024 Privacy Policy. The email address that they subsequently provide when participating in the competition will be used to notify them if they win. This will always be clearly stated on the competition page. If the prize is not a digital one, but rather a physical one that must be sent by post, the confirmation email from EK Limburg 2024 vzw will ask for the address to which this prize may be sent.   

If you have any questions, please contact info@limburg2024.be