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From Wednesday 11 September until Sunday 15 September 2024, Limburg will be the stunning backdrop to the UEC Road European Championships. Would you like to support this event individually or together with your association? If so, use our registration form to sign up now as a candidate volunteer for one or more tasks. Curious about which tasks we have on offer? Read on quickly!

If you would like more information about a particular role, please send an e-mail to

Event Team

Are you happy to help installing fencing at the various event locations? Or would you like to contribute to a flawless mobility policy by placing the signage? If so, the event team is something for you. As part of this team, you contribute to the shaping of the various event locations. In return, you get a unique behind the scenes view of the UEC Road European Championships.

Promotional materials

This team is responsible for placing all promotional materials along and around the UEC Road European Championships course. Would you like to help putting up banners and beach flags at all the hotspots on the Limburg course? Then this is the team you are looking for!


As a signalman, you are an indispensable link within the UEC Road European Championships. For one or more days, you ensure the safe running of the time trials or road races. Thanks to you, the riders can compete for the European title unhindered.


The team of stewards is deployed at various locations of the UEC Road European Championships. You ensure that everything runs smoothly at the various car parks and ensure a safe flow of the visitors.

Eco team

Sustainability is an important pillar within the UEC Road European Championships. One goal, for example, is to create as little waste as possible. As a member of the eco team, you contribute by keeping the event locations neat and tidy.

Shuttle chauffeur

During the five days of racing, hundreds of employees, press and guests must be able to travel smoothly from event location to event location. As a shuttle driver, you ensure that all those involved get to their destination as smoothly as possible.

Accreditation Centre

The accreditation centre is the beating heart of the UEC Road European Championships. As an employee, you are responsible for the flawless distribution of all accreditations and materials to riders, employees, jury, press, etc.

Employee point

The UEC Road European Championships will attract thousands of spectators and volunteers. For five days long, the various employee points will serve as their base of operations for support and catering.

Info point

Questions about the race programme, the fastest way to and from the station, etc? The info point is the place where visitors can ask all their questions about the UEC Road European Championships. Knowledge of English and French is a requirement for this role.